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The Truth
About The Allegations
Leveled Against
Me Sup. Evang. Tokunbo Shomide
by Sup. Evang Charles Agbaza.

It is so absurd to hear the rumor that is lingering around that I (Sup. Evang. Tokunbo Shomide) ask Sup. Evangelist Charles Agbaza to vacate his position as the Head of America Diocese (HOD) and relieve Sup. Evangelist Akinshade (Shepherd-In-Charge) from his post as the shepherd of CCC Luli Parish, what a silly and inconsequential rumor been spread around by Sup. Evangelist C Agbaza and some members of his Parish (CCC Luli Parish).

Instead of Sup. Evangelist Agbaza to tell his Parish members (CCC Luli) the plain truth, that I received compliance letter from my boss Pastor Suru Maforikan and the hierarchy body in Nigeria to denounce all the arbitrary promotions granted to some Church workers, unapproved and non-existence regalia for some members of CCC Luli Parish to wear………….etc although I (Sup Evang C Agbaza) was given an ample time to make all the necessary amendment and send a written commitment note to the seat of the Pastor by January 21st 2008, but I (Sup Evang C Agbaza) will not comply, that is simple and understandable.

Any body that listens to the above statement will know that you don’t want to be loyal to Pastor Maforikan again and that will make your Parish members to decide on what to do next. Unfortunately, you did not do that, but you decided to fabricate lies making all the people that listen to you, without verifying the truth, viewing me (Sup Evang T Shomide) as a traitor. The attached letters speak for itself: 
        1-PAGE-1.     "Review Of Appointment" letter from Pastoral to Sup. Evang. C. Agbaza page-1.
        1-PAGE-2    "Review Of Appointment" letter from Pastoral to Sup. Evang. C. Agbaza page-2.
        2.    "Appointment As USA Diocesan Head: Letter from Pastor Jesse of blessed memory.

Therefore, where are we going in this Church if the so call elders can not say the truth, is this the way we want to cleanse the World? “do what I say don’t do what I do” You believed that when you speak ill of me, people will sympathize with you and begin to see me as the real bad man, but know this, the word of God is truth and perfect Isaiah 33:1 says “Woe to you O destroyer, you who have not been destroyed! Woe to you, O traitor, you who have not been betrayed! When you stop destroying, you will be destroyed; when you stop betraying, you will be betrayed.

Although, I didn’t want to show the letter to anyone because I thought everything will be done amicably, perhaps some elders from CCC Luli Parish or shepherds would call to know what transpired but none called because they decided to draw their conclusion from whatever they heard from Sup Evangelist Charles Agbaza.

Anyway, I will narrate the truth in order for the devil to be put to shame and for us all to be free.

In the year 2003 you were put to the position of Head of America Diocese by Rev Pastor G Jesse blessed memory with able committee to run the affairs of Celestial Church of Christ in this part of the World. At the beginning everything was going well despite lack of fund but people were willing to sacrifice their time, money and energy for the evangelism. November of 2003 we were able to incorporate the Diocese and create a wonderful website named coordinated by me (Sup Evang T Shomide) but I had to resign from that post because of some enemies of progress that refused to do their duties assigned to them but enjoying poking their nose to the work that I strived to put together for the progress of the Diocese. Up till present nothing meaningful was put into it and useful information were mistakenly deleted for their lack of knowledge.

In the year 2004 we organized a National Revival as a form of Outreach whereby going from one Parish to another Preaching and Praying for the members, unfortunately, it was abruptly put to an end after our visit to the second Parish by Sup Evang. C Agbaza because of one of his parishioner’s thanksgiving in CCC Luli Parish. What a shame to sacrifice such a glorious Evangelism for a piece of meat.

In the year 2005 we were able to get the trademark for Celestial Church of Christ LOGO but couldn’t get the 501C done because of the lassitude attitude of the Secretary.

In the year 2006 we unanimously sent Sup Evang C Agbaza and Asst Sup Evang K Aladeseyi to Nigeria with the Diocesan money to fact find the misunderstanding that occurred between Pastor Suru Maforikan and Sup Evang Lagun Adesanya. To our greatest dismay they came back without any concrete evidence, no write-up, and no documents to back up their vain thought words before the Diocesan committee that contributed their airfare to Nigeria. At the end of everything they had the audacity to send out a letter commanding all Pastors to come together before Sunday 28th October 2007 else the Diocese will make decision. Decision on what? Through out 2006 there is nothing we could pick point that the Diocese were able to accomplish, no project, no plan for the Children, no Revival, no Evangelism absolutely nothing to be proud of, instead we have the guts to point a finger to the Pastors in Nigeria, whereas we have a lot of work to be done for the glory of God in this part of the World, but was neglected. The attached letters speak for itself: 
           1.    Covered letter of "Pastoral Letter from the American Diocese" written by Diocesan Secretary.
            2.    Distorted "Pastoral letter from Diocese" written and signed by ASE A. Aladeseyi Diocesan Secretary and Sup. Evang. C. Agbaza.
            3.    Response letter to -Distorted "Pastoral letter from Diocese" from Sup. Evang. T. Shomide.

In the year 2007 all we learnt is secret meetings here and there between Sup Evang C Agbaza and Pastor Emmanuel Oschoffa factions with such as (Sup Evang Akinnibosun and Sup Evang Shola Makinde) without the knowledge of the Diocese.

That same year Sup Evang C Agbaza arbitrary promoted some Church workers to the position of Sup. Evangelists and decided to choose unapproved and non-existence regalia for some Prophetess that ought to put on pink regalia but asked them to put on blue with white/pink lace, the regalia that is meant for Superior Wolider, how can we comprehend such a thing, regalia they cannot wear with confident to other Parishes because it was not ordain by any Pastor but Sup Evang. C. Agbaza, that signified your ambition.

If only you can just spit your intentions out to the World to know your craving to the post of the Pastor, I would be happy to place it on the website because we have so many illusionist in Celestial Church of Christ today seizing the division that occurred in the Church and proclaiming their selves as Pastors, you are very welcome to join them and leave American Diocese alone.

Ever since you attained the position of HOD, you were able to capture only 9 Parishes out of 75 Parishes in the United States, which shows how tedious you have been working for the progress of this Diocese what a shame! This same year you decided to attend 4 of the 9 Parishes Harvest because they happen to be your favorites, dances to your tune and not willing to tell you the truth. It is so glaring that you just don’t want to listen to the people that will confront you with the truth, nobody is above mistake but we should be willing to make amendment. Had it been Job (in the Bible) neglected the advice of Elihu in the bible, because he was a young man; he would have found himself in the ditch Job 32:1-End.

When Rev Oniye came here as the Pastor Representative from Nigeria, he asked you to organize a general meeting but you refused, and during the Harvest of CCC Luli Parish, you asked him to come, provided he will serve as onlooker because you had already made arrangement with Sup Evang Shola Makinde who is the Regional Head of Zone B in Pastor Emmanuel Oschoffa faction to take charge, what a game player.

The moment you heard that Pastor Suru Maforikan is in London in November 2007, you quickly went there to cover up your lassitude towards the Diocese. Although, he entertained your entire cook up story but thank God he did not give you any letter of accomplishment, but advised you to come to Nigeria at the Hierarchy Board meeting before he will make any decision.

On hearing that I (Sup Evang Tokunbo Shomide) decided to go to Nigeria to lay all the truth on the table before Sup Evang C Agbaza and all the elders to judge from their own point of view, if at all you deserve to be promoted or sanction for neglecting your duties as the Head of American Diocese.

Had it been you knew that your office would be reviewed on that Christmas Day (December 25, 2007), you wouldn’t have gone to Nigeria. But God works in a mysterious ways, and he knew that it is high time for awakening in this part of the World, that is why the meeting came to pass. Definitely, Celestial Church of Christ will cleansed the World, but not with the lazy ones that is not ready to Propagate and Evangelize the word of God. The bible says right from the time of John the Baptist the Kingdom of God suffer violent and it is only the valiant that will take it by force not the lazy bone.

After the meeting on that faithful day, Sup Evang C Agbaza look sober and willing to make all the necessary changes to the extent of telling me that we should work together and fix all the problems, not knowing that he had different agenda entirely at the back of his mind.

On getting to United States, Sup Evang C Agbaza began to spread all sort of unreasonable rumors that I went to Nigeria to accuse him falsely and because of that, he had been removed from the position of HOD. Therefore he should tell Sup. Evang. Akinshade to leave the position as the Shepherd of CCC Luli Parish, so that he can claim it back.

This sounds silly and confusing. Anyway that is the reason why I decided to put everything on black and white with all evidence to back it up. Scrutinize it and draw your own conclusion.

Watch out for the replies from both Sup. Evang. C. Agbaza and the Pastoral.





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