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Rt. Rev S. B. J. Oshoffa
Prophet, Pastor & Founder
CCC Worldwide

Imeko City Cathedral


Prayer Days, Important Dates
Celestial Church Of Christ

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Everyday Morning prayer -Throughout the years 5:30am
Every Wednesdays Service for Needy, Barren Women etc 9:00am
Every Wednesdays Mercy day Devotional Service 6:00pm
First Thursday of every Month New Moon Service;  Virgil Service 10:00pm
Every Fridays Special Service for Prophets, Prophetesses, Dreamers and Visioniers at the Mercy Land. 12 Noon
Every Fridays Special Service for Pregnant Women (Prenatal Clinics) 3:00pm
Every Fridays Power day Devotional Service 6:00pm
2nd to 8th January of Every Year Week Prayer 6:00pm
Washing of the feet for Shepherds at Eleko Beach -Easter period Saturday before Palm Sunday 4:00pm
Holy Friday In Parishes Gathering of the Faith  
Easter week (Saturday) Church ready for procession to the Cemetery 8:00pm
Easter Sunday Special Service 10:00am
Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ 40 Days after Resurrection  
Pentecost Sunday 50th Day after Resurrection  
Juvenile Harvest day 1st Sunday of every June of the Year 10:00am
29th September of every year Special Service in commemoration  of the birth of Celestial Church of Christ  
14th of October of every Year Remembrance foundation laying of Celestial City Imeko, Ogun State  



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