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Rt. Rev S. B. J. Oshoffa
Prophet, Pastor & Founder
CCC Worldwide

Imeko City Cathedral


2Pastor's Authenticated
Letter Of Credence
As A
Shepherd In USA
Signed By
Rev. Pastor A.A. Bada
As Of 1998 / 1999

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The Below List
Is The Additional Names
To The List In 1999

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The hand written names not clear is written below
29.    Popoola J. O                      National HQ. USA
30.    Dada E. A.                         Jericho Parish
31.    Oratakhai Shola                  Faith Parish, Massachusetts
32.    Solomon T. Tosin               Calvary Parish, NY  


In reflection of #6 of the list posted above, Sup. Evang. James Akindude which shows "(File Emptied) Houston". He has contacted and faxed to us the corrected error that was empty and signed by the Secretary to Pastor A. A Bada in person of Most Snr. Evangelist Olatunji Akande letter dated November 21, 2001.

Also Sup. Evang. Gbenga Orisarayi, Shepherd-In-Charge Amazing Grace Parish Los Angelis  California is a Church Worker who have Pastor's Authenticated letter of credence. Due to a small disagreement between him and late Sup. Evang. Oriere . His name was mistakenly missed from the above master list.





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