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His Eminence
Pastor & Supreme Head 
CCC Worldwide (1930-2000)



His Eminence, The Rt. Reverend Alexandra Abiodun Bada was born to the family of Chief Benjamin Omotona Bada on the 4th day of December 1930 in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. His mother Lace Superior Elder Sister Janet Abebi Bada (aka Matron General of C. C. C. National Headquarters). She is of the Oriola family, Isokun, Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Reverend Bada had his primary education at St John’s School, Iloro, Ilesha between 1936-1942. His secondary education was at Ilesha Grammar School from 1943-1949 where he obtained a Senior Cambridge Certificate. On leaving school in 1950, he took up employment with Nigerian Breweries Limited and he was subsequently promoted to a supervisory grade in the Stock Control Department of the Company in 1952.

To people amazement towards the middle of 1952, Reverend Bada showed lack of interest in what one can term as a lucrative job. There was a shift in his interest, as he became interested in serving God. But God works in a mysterious way. In the same year, 1952, Reverend Bada met one of the departed icons of this great church, Superior Evangelist S O Ajanlekoko. Almost immediately, he became a full time worker in the Lord’s vineyard. He was a man constantly led by the spirit of God. This quality was noticed everywhere he went. In 1954, the founder of the church, Reverend S B J Oschoffa anointed him as a Senior Elder. Progressively, he was promoted to the rank of a Leader in 1955. From the title, ‘Leader” came the appellation ‘Asiwaju’. Rather than use his official titles, in the Celestial Circle, people use this appellation. At exactly 3pm on the 25th of December 1960 on the Porto-Novo beach, he was anointed as a Senior Leader. Four years later, there came a day to be remembered. A sign accompanied his anointment as an Evangelist. Before the exercise, Pastor Oschoffa was highly spirited. In the presence of the congregation, he requested that a sign be shown by God during the anointment. His prayer was answered. The heavens opened and dew fell upon the arena. In appreciation, the people chanted Halleluyah repeatedly. Till date, we have not witnessed such occurrence at an anointment exercise. He became a Senior Evangelist on the 24th of December 1972 and he was promoted to the rank of Supreme Evangelist on the 25th of December 1980. He was the first man in the Celestial Church of Christ to attain to this position before the demise of the founder, Pastor Oschoffa thus making him the highest-ranking official next to the Founder.
In fact, Pastor Oschoffa usually referred to him as Ekejimi-meaning the next in rank.



A Nation cannot be without a Leader. After the death of Papa Oschoffa, spiritual messages received from within and outside the fold favored the appointment Supreme Evangelist Bada as the new Pastor of the church. At about 2:15am on Friday 25th of December 1985, at the annual convocation of the Celestial Church Of Christ, his appointment was announced.
No sooner than the mantle of leader –ship fell on Reverend Bada; signs of a new era began to emanate. There was buoyancy in spiritual development and the enthusiasm for the work of God grew in members. Injunctions ’following his appointment was similar to that of Joshua in the scriptures He was told to be strong and courageous and that God will be with him wherever he goes.

On the 25th of December 1987, the installation of Reverend Bada as Pastor took place at the Church’s world headquarters, Imeko City in Ogun State, Nigeria. The occasion attracted dignitaries from churches all over the world, traditional rulers from all over Nigeria and people from all works of life. Under his leadership, the church grew in numerical strength; spread through out the world especially places where African has migrated and the awesome power of God never ceased to perform miracles.

He led the Church for fifteen glorious years. Like any other Leader, Spiritual or Political, he had opponents. This did not deter his leadership. An overwhelming majority of Celestials were behind him both at home and abroad.

He died in Greenwich Hospital, London on Friday of 8th September 2000 after a brief illness. He left behind his wives, children and grandchildren.






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S-I-C Sup. Evang Homer Williams.
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Divine Parish
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Invites You To Their
19th Annual Adult
Harvest Thanksgiving
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INVITATION!!!Sanctuary Of  The Lord Parish
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Invites You To Their:
First Annual Adult
Thanksgiving Service
Sunday, June 30, 2013
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S-I-C Most Sup. Evang.
Homer Williams......
Posted May 20. 2013.




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